Purchased property from an Auction with need help.

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Two months ago I purchased a house from auction.com the person who lost the property still has there belongings inside but do not reside there. I need to start renovating, what should I do? Any recommendations would help, thanks. Any recommendations would help, thanks.

@Gainet M. Congratulations!

I would recommend checking your local laws but if you now own the house you now own everything in the house. Do with it what you please......

And they’ve cleared the premises completely?

Find out cost of. Dumpster. I know some demo people in philly.

I’d personally give them an offer to retrieve but there would have to be signed terms in doing so.

There are a lot of unanswered questions. Are these items of value or trash? How long has it been abandoned? Have you attempted to communicate with them or is it possible to communicate with them?

NOLO has a good guide but if it's not cut-and-dry, I would contact an attorney just to be safe.

@Gainet M. , whatever you do, don’t follow the above advice that you can do what you want with the former owner’s personal property. I suspect that in most states that is absolutely not true. Check your state laws carefully.

You need to get competent legal advice on how to proceed. First there is the issue of gaining possession of the property (no, just buying it doesn’t mean you can take possession and change the locks!).  Details are important.  Can you tell if there is food and clothing in the residence?  If there is no bed, refrigerator with food, a bed, then there’s no way to “live” there and you might be able to take possession of the residence and change the locks. Or you might need to post an abandonment notice and wait for a period of time before taking possession. Or you might need to file an eviction and wait to get possession until the sheriff delivers possession after a judgment. Follow your lawyer’s advice.  If you do it wrong you could get sued. 

Once you get possession, you still have to deal with the personal property. Your state might have a value threshold such as $500 or $1,000 where if the stuff is worth less than the threshold you can trash it or convert it to personal use. But if it is worth more than that amount you have to follow a process as outlined in your state’s law which could include sending notices and holding a public auction. Follow your lawyer’s advice carefully here, too, and be sure to document what is there with an inventory list, photos, and video.

Thanks guys for replying, yes we have been in contact. She actually agreed to take her belongings out. But now she does not answer my calls and has a pit bull guarding the back door. No one has resided at the property since April 2015. She’s pretty much used the house as a storage if you ask me. I felt bad for her and she’s been using my kindness for a weakness. I guess my best bet it’s just take her to court. First and last time I buy from an auction with occupancy.

I personally would of had my lawyer do the communication from the beginning. That not only would of probably lit a flame under her you know what, but at least I know i would be covered against any liability. If it had to lead to court, at least my attorneys well aware of the situation.

Email me - I’ll give you info for a philly lawyer who deals with this stuff and will offer some advice on the house

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