Annoyed tenant , what would you do?

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Hi all , I have this tenant from previous owner. Sending me this email today. Hi Liz , Hope all is good at your end. I have to furnish my Nov 2017 rent receipt with landlord's signature officially. Please arrange to send me the same ASAP by emailing me or personally provide me in my apartment (by slipping it under my door) —- First time anyone ever ask for anything like that. Anyone experience that? This tenant has been very demanding since the beginning . Anything I can do to stop him text me monthly bases ask for different things ? - I want to kick him out and look for new tenant .

You think its too annoying to have to provide a rent receipt?

To sign it and delivery under the door . Yes.

I have online payment style but never had anyone asking me for receipt .

And he ask for signed receipt and delivery under the door.

Is New York and is 2017. He pay me by venmo.

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Tenant said you could email it to her. So why not just do that ?

Hey all, I actually didn’t see the part that I can email to her. I will do that.

Linda Moore I didn’t go back to months ago, not just this letter. This particular tenant been text me once or twice a month with different requests .

I fixed tenants toilet before , send my handyman and have them fix it. Is not a problem. I know what a landloard should do.

He is just request after request. Expect a new thing every month .

That’s why I am annoyed when I see his request of hand deliveries the receipts .

He is just asking for a receipt! That should Bday easy to do. You may want to ask him why he needs it.

Originally posted by @Account Closed :

I'm a woman so I can say this.  Theres a certain type of mentality in todays younger female  generation that is very disturbing.   Its the Entitlement mentality,   Me , Me, and only Me counts.

I notice several threads where the new woman landlord comes on here saying the tenant is ANNOYING(keyword)  when the tenant isn't that.

Wait till the tenant calls with a plugged up toilet amd this lady has to plunge a toilet full of D.i.a.r..h.e.a.

Wait till this lady is texted by a former tenant to give back security deposit or family will be OFFED.

These women need a good ole Wake-Up call.

It's not just young women. There is, without question, a growing entitlement mentality in our population. The reasons are many. However, I will say that when you have colleges providing "safe spaces" for people to be protected from opposing viewpoints, Play Doh and coloring books because the wrong candidate won an election and emergency counseling funds released for people who had to go the atrocity of seeing political graffiti written in chalk on the sidewalk (all of these and many more events like them have actually happened), I would say in general we are raising a generation weak, entitled brats. This will likely not have a good ending.

She is asking for some type of receipt, which is reasonable in my opinion.   Send her an email with the payments she made to you and when.  Thats it. 

You may be able to do a screen shot of the Venmo payments and text it to her.   5 minutes. 

Check the lease with the tenant you inherited.  Is there an 'escape' clause?  Do they pay on time?  Did you discuss raising the rent?  Think about sticking it out till end of lease and not renew if they bother you that much. 


You'll find that 20% of the tenants will create 80% of the problems.  That's just the way it is.  Three ideas--you can expect it will happen and get used to it, or you can hire a manager to deal with it, or you can get out of the rental business. 

Landlords that manage their own properties need to be business people with rather thick skins.

Good luck.

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