Western Slope Investing

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Hello My name is Lucas and I recently moved to the area of Grand Junction, Co, and am rebuilding my network of like minded investors, realtors, and so on. This discussion is more so for those who wish to reach out and connect for future business and our growth as investors. 

Looking forward to hearing back from as many of you as possible and hoping to do great work together! 

Lucas, I would reach out to @Sheenablankenagel They have a meet up once a month or so in Grand Junction! She can get you in touch with most of the upper westernslope and GJ, she is great and well connected!  

If you are ever down in Montrose or Telluride, we are happy to have a coffee or pint with you. Cheers

@marksimpson @AaronTobler @matthewLewis

Hey Lucas, I'm over in Crested Butte but have been looking in Delta/Olathe/Montrose.  Lets connect and see if we can't help each other make some money on the western slope.

I'm an investor living in Ridgway, always looking to network with people, and "No" I do not have properties in Ridgway that are rentals, nowhere close to 1%, but looking to scrub the Westernslope for a deal.  There was duplex in Montrose on the retail market, but the numbers just did not work.

Hi all,

I'm based out of Steamboat Springs, but investing in more rural areas on the Western Slope. Will hopefully make it to some of the wCAREi events down in Junction at some point, but feel free to connect here as well.