Downtown Boston Meet Up

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you who have shared interest above or via a message.  If you’re thinking about coming please share.  I encourage people to reach out to those that may not see this but you think would like to join us as well.  See you on Thursday.


Hey guys,

I wanted to reach back out to set up a second Boston real estate meetup (and hopefully if we have enough interest we can make these recurring).  We met last month at Gather and I thought it was a great location with a lot of space to use to accommodate different group sizes.  I want to propose we have the next meetup on Tues March 20 at 7pm at Gather for a drink and networking.

Is anyone interested in attending and also able to assist with creating a BP event?  It was suggested to me to set up an event in the BP event calendar but I am unable to do so because I’m not a pro member (I think).  It would be great if someone could help with setting up the event.  Please share your interest in attending and tell others that may not be on BP to come join us. 



Hi Kyle,

I'd be interested in attending this event and could set up a BP event.   Let me know if there is anything specific other than date and time at Gather I should include.



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