Looking for Realtor & Property Management in Fort Worth, Texas!

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BP forum! I am in search of a good realtor and property management company in Fort Worth, Texas or the greater Dallas area. If anyone here fits these categories occupationally or has worked with individuals from here, I would really appreciate a reference! Happy investing. 

Hi Grant,

I could also give you some information on a great " all in one " management company that handles everything under one roof.

They are competitive to the management market, and charge much less than your typical management commission rate.

Feel free to send me a PM for information.

Good luck.

Hi grant 

Levi Mills is a great local realtor who focuses on investment property. Very friendly, responsive and has extensive market knowledge in the fort worth/Arlington area. He works with in state and out of state investors . He also works for a turn-key and property management company so very knowledgeable in buying distressed property, rehabbing and renting out and getting it managed. He helped me close on a duplex a couple months ago and put me in contact with some great local contractors to help with the rehab. By far the best realtor I've ran across so far.

Please message me if you'd like his contact info. (you can also check him out on realtor.com)