Break down of areas to invest in Kansas City, MO

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Hey BP looking to get some advice on Kansas City. Trying to develop a map of the area to break out the good/bad/ugly zones to help filter out potential properties. Basically want to know the areas to absolutely avoid that are high crime and known for undesirable tenants. Thanks

@Brian Wilson that’s awesome of you to help out. If you have the time could you please send me a copy of the zips as well. I have an idea of areas I’m looking at but would be interested to see others take on the city.

Also I’m interested to hear how anyone else who’s in KC is approaching the south side of Missouri with the Constuction of Cerner and that whole campus out there?


I have attached the map to this post. It typically doesn't appear visible to others for some reason, so if you are interested in the map PM me and I'll happily send it your way.

I've also noticed you can't send files via PM without being colleagues for some reason. 

64130, 64127 are pretty rough. The pocket is actually very small. Theres alot of great areas in and around kc on both sides of the state line. Feel free to message me with any questions.

I specialize in the rough areas!!  :-)  I am developing a team and systems that work in the inner city!  I have developed a portfolio of houses and have helped others developed portfolios 


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