Cash out refi in Arizona

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I have a rental property in Pinetop and want to do a cash out refi. Have any of my fellow AZ investors had any success with certain banks? Also, have you had any success doing a HELOc on a rental as well? Your input would be much appreciated!

Thanks, @Wes Blackwell ! Please remember, @Preston Wengert , that the interest on a HELOC is no longer deductible. Even if you currently have a HELOC, the 2018 tax plan removed that deduction - there's no grandfathering. Please let me know if we can help you. Thanks!

There are banks that will do a HELOC on a rental, but you have to shop around- don't give up, they are out there! Also, HELOC interest will STILL be deductible with the new tax law, but only if it's used for a business purpose, so there should be little to no effect for investors in that regard.