Long Term Financing for Rentals

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Hey BP!

My question is about funding buy and holds. After you have gone the conventional route of either 4 or 10 bank mortgages, what is the best way to refi out of a private money loan? I could be wrong, but I doubt many private lenders are looking to tie up their funds in a 30yr note. Let me know your suggestions. Thanks!


There are several national portfolio lenders who provide 30 year fixed mortgage. The rates are not as aggressive as conventional lending but there are several pros. I can point you in the right direction.  Please PM me.

@Bob Green Thanks for the reply, Bob. At this point, I am currently in the planning stage of my investing career. I hope to get started within the year. Like most other newbies, I too became stuck after the conventional loans run out. Portfolio lending is an excellent idea though! I will definitely PM you to find out more.