Amazon HQ2 potential sites being protested.

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i can almost guarantee the new Amazon HQ will be located in one of those states. My guess is either Atlanta or Dallas. The reason is simp!e, Amazon wants to escape high tax states that are not friendly to business.

Atlanta and Dallas are huge markets that attract people from all over the country and have a lot to offer. At the same time these places are not bogged down by government regulation and higher overall costs.

Since cost of living is lower in these places, they can pay lower and save a fortune on payroll. Locating in NYC or LA would be counterproductive fiscally. 

When it comes down to it this is a major business and the bottom line is the most important thing.

While I'm not familiar with the state of Georgia's laws, the city of Atlanta itself is extremely LQBTQ-friendly, so I don't know whether the state's laws will be a deal breaker (though I could definitely see Amazon using its power to impact legislation).