What maintenance costs do you include?

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I have recently been seeing this quite a bit more lately and have been debating on how I should approach this in my own investing. I am regularly doing my numbers for maintenance on a deal and have been trying to determine if I should be including lawn maintenance and snow removal type things in my general 10% maintenance calculations. 

I feel like it is the type of thing that could potentially be passed onto the tenant in the right circumstance, but that is clearly not always the case. In the event that I am keeping up with the lawn care and general snow removal (if needed), should that be included in my 10% or should it be an additional amount that I am calculating in?

I'd agree with the previous two posts if your talking about single family rentals.  Multi family is a different animal.  One item you would need to included is water to irrigate the lawn/shrubbery during the growing season.  Lots of greenery requires lots of water.   A lot of percentages are thrown around which may or may not be accurate for a specific property.   If your talking about multi-family, get some local numbers.  Google search some apartment associations or stop by some local apartment complexes and ask them what their costs are.  If your nice and respectful most will try to help you.