New to the wholesale / flip experience

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Hello there I am in the Stockton California area and I am looking into becoming a wholesaler and also a house flipper. I am new to this so I am barely dipping my foot in the water but I hear so many great stories I feel like I have to give it a shot. Of course me being new to this means I need some help just wondering if there’s anybody close or near to the area to show me the ropes could possiblyHelp you with investments until I can gain traction.

Welcome to BP @Ignacio Leyva ! Congrats and taking this big step and reaching out to people on the forum! I am not a wholesaler or a house flipper, but I do invest in commercial multi-family properties in the Sacramento and Stockton areas. I would suggest to you to check if you have any local meetups in the area than you can attend. You can do a search on the forums. I think I saw some posts recently regarding meetups in your area.

How long have you lived in Stockton? Do you know the market well there?

Yes there is a lot of local meet ups in the area. Since i am new i have yet to attend more then 1 of them but got loads of information. I have lived in the Central Valley area for 20 years. The market is rather decent out here as we get people moving from the bay area to here all the time so there is a great money opportunity out here as well. I am still learning how to go about finding the housing and the information needed to purchase successfully and also i am trying to find investors to team up with as well.

Hi @Ignacio Leyva , welcome to the site! Good to know that there are more of us in the Stockton market in this business. You'll find a ton of good information and contributions on this site. I grew up in Stockton and have done over 100 deals in that market flipping, buying rentals, and doing wholesale deals there for the last 5 or 6 years. Still pretty active buying a few each month, too. I love buying from wholesalers and have recently done a couple of deals with members that I met on this site! More than happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to shoot me a private note when you get some time. 

Happy investing!