Someone to look at houses?

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Hey there BP, One thing that's been holding me back from making a purchase is that I'm traveling. I'm not physically in the city where I want to buy. I'm planning to target off market (auction) properties and was thinking if I could only have someone look at the properties I'm interested in, send me photos and videos, and maybe even get an estimate on ARV or rehab costs, I could proceed. Is that something some agents would do? Or contractors? Appraisers?

Hi @Andre Crabb . We work with many investors who are in other states and other countries! Yes, there are investor-oriented real estate brokerages that assist clients with the pre-acquisition analysis and support services you seek.

If Metro Atlanta is one of your target markets, I'd be happy to refer you to the same brokerage I refer my own international clients to. Just connect with me here on BP!

Include aerial photo as the front view can be deceiving.... Trash, home back burned down, take photo of exterior damage, roofing, trash in the back yard.

Hi @Andre Crabb   - I would find a newer (but not brand new) agent that you could pay a reasonable flat or hourly fee to for each property.   $30-$50 per hour might be a sweet spot.  You could also let them know that they would have the opportunity to list the property if you are planning to rehab and list it.  Interview them first to make sure that they are a fit and will represent you well.  Expecting them to do it for free over and over will cause frustration for all parties, in my experience.  Good luck! Another thing that will go a LONG way in your relationship with agents...send them a listing referral once in a while for a property that sellers that need to sell for more than you can offer them.