Tenant refuses to leave house in MA

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Interested in a foreclosure house in Mass 

but person living there (homeowner?)refuses to leave . 

Anyone familiar with the eviction process in MA? 

I was advis ed   not to buy this because it can take up to 2 years and a ton of legal expenses to remove him , but the location is ideal for me. 

Marci, not only is it very difficult in MA to evict a previous owner post-foreclosure, you also cannot get title insurance if the previous owner is still in residence.  I have personally people who have taken more than 2 years and over 50K in legal costs to get possession.  

In MA, the tenants are very savvy about working the system, and there is free legal help, as well as for previous owners who have been foreclosed on.  They are known to turn down cash-for-keys offers of $30,000 because they know they can stretch it out well past 30K worth.  

Margie's 2nd link to Rich Vetstein's blog is a very good one.  You might consult with him before making this purchase.  

Thank you both so much . I really appreciate these replies - very helpful!