Direct Mail Marketing Strategy in Canada

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Good Afternoon everyone, so I have a question regarding a strategy for direct mail marketing?

How is it done in Canada because of the privacy laws that we have that make it extremely illegal to have such a thing as listsource?

I am really wanting to up the flow of leads for myself but I just don't know quite how to because it seems impossible to at least direct mail market like in the US.

Any info, tips and tricks, and guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I doesn't much seem to be done here. The difficulty is getting a good list to mail. Some of the US techniques still work here in Canada. Driving for dollars works here in the same way to build your list. Go driving for dollars, build a list of 500 houses (mailing becomes a lot cheaper through Canada post once you pass 500 at a time), go to city hall and look through the tax rolls, and see where the tax bills are being sent (ie where the owner lives). It's a lot of work, but then you mail that list 8 times and buy some houses, hopefully.

I'm trying the shotgun approach - EDDM hitting whole neighbourhoods. Still testing it out, we'll see how it works out.