Best BRRR/Flip Corridors: I-35 Texas or I-75 Florida, other?

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Hey BP, If you could go and invest in SFR BRRR/Flips in any affordable growing market Corridor of your choosing, with long term boomer/millennial growth, where would it be?? A market where you would feel lucky to own in 10 yrs from now?

For example, in Texas there's Waco - Austin - San Antonio corridor on I-35, in Florida there's the Naples-St Pete corridor on I-75/275, Idaho has Boise-Nampa corridor on I-84, etc. 


Thx, TJ

Having lived in Tampa Bay for 19 years and traveling the gulf coast, I’d suggest I-75 between Venice and Ft. Myers. Some of those areas include Englewood, Port Charlotte and Cape Coral.

I agree with Phil.  There's a lot happening in the Fort Myers area; lots of growth and positive accolades.  

Thanks Peter and Phil, can you tell me why those areas would be a millennial draw?  TX vs FL is a tough choice for me, they both have their advantages, I wonder about the 10 yr rate of growth prospects 

Agreed with everyone so far. Fort Myers area has been great. There are still some huge opportunities in Punta Gorda, Lehigh Acres and Port Charlotte. 

As for the attraction to the area for younger generations... many are born here and many stay here. The counties are constantly building new schools in order to keep up with the increase in child counts. If that's not a positive sign for housing, I don't know what is. 

I heard Colorado is the place .... May not seem like beach weather but I guess lots of people prefer the open, fresh (if chilly in winter) mountain air ....

Texas. Austin is also nice and lots of opportunities but boy that place is sweltering from June to September.

Atlanta metro is also hot.

Obviously the usual suspects on the coast like NY/NJ or CA/WA are perennial "hot" markets but there you got to pay big time to play.

In general, if you are looking for growth, it is easy since the USA is experiencing record growth.

Vinay, I agree, but my challenge is the market range of  i'm focusing on. So CO/CA/WA are a challenge for that. @Vinay H.

 @Seth Nadreau Thx for the feedback,and Kevin, what's your take on refi or Retail at $250-350K range (after my rehab), are there deals at half price, or close, still to be had? Is it about modernizing floor plans/finishes on 25 yr old houses, or simply looking for neglected, much older homes?

@Kevin Dong same question as above, I ask since I get the sense that the median sale in coastal areas are high and getting higher, thoughts?