Great way to calculate numbers for wholesaling or flipping

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I would like to send out a great big THANK YOU to @Kuba F. for spending some time with me this morning and showing me in detail how his REIKit works.  I would say if you're trying your hand at wholesaling or fix n flipping then his REIKit would be one of the first things in which I would invest.  Again, thanks bunches for your time @Kuba F. !

Thanks for the kind words @Jeffrey Bland . Whether you become a customer or not, my mission is about out how we can help you become more successful, whether you're wholesaling, flipping, or buying income properties.

Here are some of the blog posts that we talked about:

Why Cash on Cash Should be Used for Only For the First Year and Internal Rate of Return for the Project


18 Essential Metrics to a Complete Real Estate Investment Analysis

I also emailed you the BRRRR blog post and video link that you can find on the site.

Thanks again and I wish you success in your plan, hope we can be a small part of it.