Pittsburgh Property Near University of Pitt

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Hi BiggerPockets Family,

We need some help with finding a good area to invest in the Pittsburgh area. We prefer to be near University of Pitt. We have a son that will be attending there and we believe it would be smarter to purchase an SFH that we can House Hack or Multi-Family (which could house hack too). Our issue, is understanding the area's such as Squirrel Hill North, South Side Flats, Shadyside, North Oakland, Greenfield, etc.

We are open to driving to campus but it can't be more than 20 mins. Purchase price is around $150k. This would be in our business name (Bluebird Homes). We are coming from the Philly area which is why we need some help. We are also finishing up a major flip which will list in July, so the idea is that it would be sold in August and we can then purchase a property in Pitt. 

If anyone knows the Pitt area, please reach out. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank You, 

Amy and Kevin 

Hi Amy,

Are you guys planning to live with your son or do you want to buy a place for him to live/househack? Oakland is the neighborhood Pitts is located in, so it is definitely within walking distance, but it is also has a high concentration of college rentals. Southside ("flats" and "slopes" simply denote if you are located on the flat part or hill part of Southside, it's all the same neighborhood though) is across the river, you can't walk but it's a short drive and there is public transportation, also a lot of college rentals here. Squirrel Hill and Shadyside are further away (short drive), less of a student presence, however you won't likely find anything there in your price range unless it's the shell of a house that needs EVERYTHING, they are some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Greenfield is more in the price range you are looking for, and most parts are probably about a 10 minute drive from Pitt. There are several colleges located within walking distance to Pitt, so naturally the neighborhoods that are also within walking distance are mostly college rentals, which means it would be easy to find renters in these areas but they are also very busy. Hope this helps a bit, good luck!

Hey Megan,

This helps a lot. We will not be living with him. This would be his intro to real estate. Instead of paying for room and board, we can help him by investing and he can be the landlord. Creating income would also be good for him too.

South side flats look promising and it’s close to Pitt. Rental market looks good in that area. So we will focus there.

Thank you,

Hi @Amy Fowler - I read this thread a couple weeks ago and said I would get back to it, so sorry it has taken so long. 

I also have a kid that will be starting Pitt so I am also starting to look around as well. From what I am being told the kids like to live in South Oakland but there seem to be some very rough houses in that area.

What have you found?

Thanks, Brian

We haven't found much to rent because we haven't looked. We were looking to buy but we are about to put our flip on the market soon but unfortunately, we won't have the funds from that flip to purchase our next property. Which was supposed to be in Pittsburgh. Now we are going to need to look for rentals so that are son isn't stuck with no where to live while at school. We are 4 hrs away soooooo....commuting is not an option (LOL). 

Hopefully we can find something quickly.

Thanks Everyone for chiming in on the thread.