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Hi Bigger Pockets, 

I am relatively new to real estate and am currently a Petroleum Engineering student at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas graduating this December. I have watched many podcasts and have attended online webinars, and am curious to any information that could be offered regarding how the calculations are actually done behind the bigger pocket rent calculators here on the website? I understand that the website does all the calculations for me, but being an engineer I typically learn better through actually messing with equations, seeing where they're derived from and applying them myself. Any ideas on what learning material, either here on BP or elsewhere, for these calculations would be greatly appreciated. 


Most of it is simple math, Income vs. Expense. I think the calculators are designed more to keep everything organized and to help people from forgetting all of the expenses that are included.

I believe there is a limit of 5 “calculations “ for non-Pro members so consider that when testing them out.

*If you wanted to get a pro membership anyway, watch a webinar and there is usually a 20% off code at the end