inflated natural gas bills?

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So first 4 family property owner here. I purchased last month and just got my first electric and gas bill. Let's just say wallet shock doesnt cover it. To break down the tldr, apparently I used 23.59 in gas last month (44 ccf). that's all fine and dandy, but the 134.45 they charged me in delivery charges for the gas alone seems a bit absurd. I've already spoke to many people at the utility company, AMD they are saying this is justifiable and right. my question is, is this the norm, should I just suck it up? or do I have any recourse other than replace everything with electric? They insist it must be charged at a significantly higher business rate because I have hallways between the units.

It depends on your climate, you might do an energy audit or just switch to electric, it doesn't seem too out of line for four units though $35 ish dollars per month depending on the size of the unit and how much they use the climate control.

My single family rental in Cleveland is probably 100 bucks a month in gas during the winter

this is summer time. basically I'm paying 158 bucks a month to run a water heater. I figured switching to electric would be my best option. the feesareahats killing. Im paying 570% of the cost of the received gas to receive the gas.

Is the gas usage reasonable? Could there be a leak or something wrong with the way the meter was read? Maybe estimated instead of read?