Cleveland OH - How to find a good photographer/videographer?

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Hi BP!

My partner and I have a couple projects going on at the moment in the Cleveland market, but currently don't have someone to take legit pictures or shoot video of the whole process (I like to have good before/afters to keep track of what we've done and attract investors).  I originally thought it would make sense to ask for a local newbie to tag along, learn and help out by handling this, but it might make more sense to document it professionally.  Does anyone have any experience in finding good artists that can handle this type of job?  The only time I've had experience with this was for my wedding, but it almost seemed like you have to roll the dice lol I'm hoping someone can show me otherwise!

If any newbies in the Cleveland area are interested, we would still consider it - just hit me up and we can chat.  We are working on a medium sized multifamily and a single family flip, so it's a good mix to learn.