Flipping in Michigan

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Flips are going well...just bought some C and C+ properties. Looking to fix & put tenants in.

Hey Greg, have you ever heard of Latitude Realty- Robin Barnes? I’m coming in August and she was one of the first realtors I was connected with who says she’s doing 15 projects in Detroit. If not, can you recommend a realtor who specializes in investment properties and flips?

I'm not working with a realtor...just a handy man that knows real estate...just buying C or C+ properties. 

Originally posted by @Todd Simmons :

Thanks for your response Greg. What areas are you flipping in?

Hello Tod, I think I can help you with my network and contacts in Detroit. I have been buying SFR in Detroit area. Have my local teams there (realtors, handymen, CPAs, attorneys, property manager). Feel free to PM me.

@Todd Simmons , plenty of flipping right now but all the flippers I see are local investors, much easier than doing from out of state which I'm sure some people are doing (like @Leo Furest ), so if you want to get in the game here in Detroit make sure you have a great team otherwise your experience might be a bit painful. 

@Roy Gutierrez you are saying wise words. The only thing that keeps me investing in Detroit (buy and hold and also flips) besides travellIng every month is that I have the more trusteable and loyal local team I can ever imagined. This is not something to deal “remotely”. I would suggest that if someone wants to enter Detroit market take at your own risk two trips: flight/car/meals/hotels to know the city, its people, the neighborhoods and develop local connections! Is the best investment on risk and opportunities assessment you can do! Best Leo