3bd marketed as a 4bd???

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So I’m looking at purchasing my first rental. It’s a 4bd 2ba SFH here in the North Las Vegas area. After the inspection it turns out and addition to the house has blocked off what used to be a window of one of the bedrooms. The inspector told me to be considered a bedroom it has to have a closet and a window. On the assessors page it says 4bd so that addition might not have been permitted. The agent and lender say it’s not an issue but I don’t want to find out later that it can’t be rented out as a 4bd and would be a losing investment. Should I just back out? I’d appreciate any feedback from the veteran investors.

@Nicholas Hernaez

That’s a bad situation for a first rental. A “pro” might say no big deal, and the chance of a fire where the person sleeping can’t get out is unlikely, though costly for you, especially if the insurance company bails because you knew it wasn’t a bedroom. 

I’ve seen expensive markets label them something else, sleeping area maybe? I currently live in a “4 bedroom house” where the 4th bedroom (my office) has glass French doors and no closet, definitely not a bedroom. 

Any idea what it would cost to put the window back in?

You could list it as 3 bedroom with office/bonus room, if your tenant decided to sleep or put a crib in their office that’s not your fault. 

It’s not possible to put the window back in because it’s surrounded on all sides now by other rooms due to the add ons. There’s a den that I could convert into a bedroom, but it’d be weird because the tenant would have to pass through it to get to the back bedroom. Unless I made a hallway, which is more work than I’m willing to do on my first property.

I was considering posting it as a 3bd+office, but it wouldn’t rent for as much as a 4bd.

The reason I want this one so much is because it has built in tenants that are willing to sign a 1 year lease. My concern is for after they leave.

More numbers for anyone that’s interested it’s 173,000 and is currently bringing in 1200/mo. If the tenants leave I’ll probably only get 1050-1100 in this area for a 3bd2ba.