Contacting Fsbo property Owners

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Is there any way to get sellers contact info for Fsbo properties listed on sites like or without having to contact their agent?

yeah, what @Dave Passey said. By definition, a fsbo doesn't have an agent. If they don't have a number, then they don't know what they are doing (and should have used an agent). If you're not local you can always buy data sets and look up contact info via whitepages, etc., if you really want to track them down.

So why does the "Sale By Owner"  properties not have the owners contact info but has either agent contact info or an quick email option letting the agent know your interested?

@Deangelo Mack

On those websites it let's AN agent know that you are interested. That agent is then going to try to represent you in the purchase of that property. Sometimes it does show the owner's direct information if they put in on there. I think most of the time the owners just don't really know how to do it correctly. 

@Deangelo Mack

If you're searching for FSBO listings on Zillow, you may see some buyers agents listed. Zillow is in the business of selling leads to agent, so even on FSBO listings they show some buyers agents to try to get you to click. At the bottom of the list of agents, there is normally a property owner contact.

Great info, You All - thanks. I have driven by at least 6 FSBO today and thought, "man, I wonder if I could contact them to make a deal?"... the reason it was a passing thought is because I've never done anything like that before. I was like, 'what would I say/ask besides how much?"

This is what I do

Get on google earth find the address number of the house in question

Call your county deed recorder / tax assessor ask them if they can look up a property for you and tell you the info

They will get you the owners name what it sold for and when and what the taxes are annually

Get on white pages online ..look up the owners name and call them or direct mail them your interested in their property at 123 Main Street