When do I get an RE Attorney involved? Hudson County

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Hello BP,

My project manager and buyer agent are doing a walkthrough of an REO property today in North Bergen New Jersey. When is the appropriate time to involve my real estate attorney?

I'm having trouble getting disclosure documents from the seller. They say this property that has been on the market for two years and in and out of escrow does not have any such documentation.  They say they can't tell me if they have inspections on record, or records of liens or fines levied against the property. 

How do I break through that bull **** and get the answers I need? is that something the attorney can help with?

You need a good title agent to track all this down. Also see if your project manager can go to the town and pull old permits. You will be doing your own inspection anyway so it doesn't really matter if they have inspections on record to show you.

You can get your attorney involved at any of these steps.  I'm not positive what disclosure documents you specifically are seeking.  It is possible that what you are requesting does not exist.  It is also possible that your attorney can get such disclosures made part of the contract of sale.  

Issues involving liens or fines of the property are typically revealed as part of the title inspection by a title agent.  For questions about the legal aspects of buying property in NJ it is best to consult a NJ attorney.