Looking for multi family mentor

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Looking for someone that has purchased a few apartment complexes that can assist me with how to analyze a deal and tips on how to structure deals with limited capital. I have access to hard money loans, just not sure how to use them for an apt complex I want to hold vs using a hml to flip a property.

@David Sanford There are pages upon pages on these forums. The search function is your friend. 

Alternatively, you can pay me a ton of cash and I can walk you through everything especially since I'm creating an underwriting software and am a syndicator. 

@Aaron Hunt also has a special "McRib" speal mentor deal ;)

@David Sanford , hard money can play in apartments but typically the “flips” take longer than a house flip, on the order of years instead of months. Where hard money plays is taking down a property cash, only to put longer term debt on it based on purchase details as soon as possible. The cash obviously makes your offer more interesting to a seller as the commercial loan needed for an apartment property with take 60-90 days to close. 

Hope this helps. Where are you looking at buying? VA?


thanks @Bruce Scannell . VA would be my area of interest. I of course will eventually be open to any market but for my first deal I want to stay semi local within a couple hours of a drive. what do you think about using hard money to put the 25% down and using traditional commercial financing for the remainder? I guess then my challenge would be paying back the lender in a timely manner.

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There ...I just saved you 30 grand on a mentor

Not that you got all that out of the way you can focus on reading and researching this forum to learn everything you need to know for free

@David Sanford I paid 30k for a apartment mentor after I got 11 sfh and realized that sfh was not scaleable.

Yea you can learn a lot on your own but to be a lead investor on a large deal you will need to build your network and get a KP to sign on your loan who has the experience and net worth. Unfortunately it’s a closed community that you have to pay to play.