Want to start a real estate consulting following/business

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So want to start another business like biggerpockets/fortune builders and grant cardone and all that stuff. I have my area learned really well. Just wonder if I start facebook and instagram pages, worry if people will steal my business ideas and take deals? Also like my contractors that work for me leaving me high and dry and me stuck with alot of projects to do and finish and keep going? Is this a good i should pursue or not?

There are lots of coaching/training programs and very few new ideas in REI...it's a simple business model. No need to worry about stealing ideas.

The main thing consultants/coaches need is social capital (i.e. well know expertise) to drive students/clients to them.

@Mike Dymski Dont understand why everyone doesnt try it? I think i could really start a lucrative business doing seminars and teaching. Just worry making more competition for us and i would hate to do that being that I really put in some hard work. We have 17 propertys now and really just starting to take off. What you think?

You’re not gonna make more
Competition because most of these programs are useless lol.

If you can provide actual good content then that’s something but most of these guru programs are useless, and sometimes reach illegal info

why not do a little seminar around my area and teach what i have learned? To be honest i could bring huge value from all the stuff i have learned from bp, fortune builders and youtube and it all.