$5000 for initial investment.

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If you only have $5000 for an initial investment, what would the best method to get a quick ROI on your money so you can reinvest? I know there’s going to be a lot of different answers for this I would just like to know what other investors have succeeded using.

5k won't get you much. You can consider wholesaling or use it to partner with another investor or two although that amount might be too low for some. Wholesaling may be the more realistic option though.

@Kevin Hogan - You probably need to spend that in education. You won't be successful without knowledge. Once you know what to do, I'd suggest spending that in marketing. 

Success in real estate takes (1) knowledge (2) time (3) tons of effort.

Good luck to you!

House hack with additional funding from parents, credit cards, etc.  Plan on the frugal lifestyle and pay back your secondary funding QUICKLY.