Creative use of an Easement

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Hey Everyone,

I am looking at a one acre parcel where about half of the land has an overhead power line easement.  When thinking about best end use I am considering a modular office building and then leasing / selling to a small landscaping company, construction company etc that could use the space under the wires.

What are some other uses you have seen that would be good use of the land?  Please assume the power company would allow the activity - will confirm as part of diligence their requirements.  Thank you!

Is there access to this part of the land? If not you will need to build a new road and may have to make more easements on the rest of the property. But pretty much any industrial use seems like it could work. At least youre in Houston so you don't have to deal with zoning. 

You typically can't put any structures in the direct easement space at least that is what our easement says however you can put plants, livestock etc.  So parking is a good use. The easement also requires that whatever you put there allows their trucks access to maintain the lines basically that means a way through for clear cutting under the lines in which case you have to mark anything that might be in danger from their bushwackers. We had a whole patch of elderberry cleared by the overzealous line crew (they send you a letter they are coming and sometime in the next couple months they show up with chain saws and brushhogs.. We have used to split rail fence and just take rails out when they need to come through. So if the office is on the usable land and the parking under the wire it may work.