Real Estate lawyer and home Inspector WA state

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I'm currently working on a lease option with my landlord to purchase the property from her. I was wonder if any BP members knew of any good Real Estate lawyers and any good home inspectors in Washington state, specifically SW Washington.  I want to make sure I don't over-look anything during the due diligence process. This will be my first transaction in the Real Estate game. 

@Adam Read PNWIG is pretty well known, don’t know if they are willing to travel but at least make a referral. They are so meticulous and found things, that no “normal” inspectors found. They go beyond just visual. Give them a call: A close second is WIN home inspections: don’t forget to get sewer line inspection, or septic.. different expertise. Don’t have one in SW. You may also want a General Contractor take a look at it, those that specialize in remodeling. Real Estate Attorneys: Goodluck

Account Closed I appreciate the wealth of information you provided. Good tip on the sewer line; I remember hearing a horror story on one of the BP podcast where a investor neglected to inspect it. It was an expensive lesson for him. No matter how much you try to educate yourself on the process it can be a little scary on the first deal. I'm going to just take as much as I can from this experiences to accelerate me towards my Real Estate goals. Thanks again!