why Colombian land could be a wise investment.

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Diverse Lifestyles in Colombia

Cities such as Medellin or its surroundings East of Antioquia offer something for everybody. There are towns and properties ( plot of lands with water reservoir, farmhouse, cabins ) to suit every income bracket, from rural slums to high end, gated communities and everything in between. This means that no matter what kind of property you invest in, you can be sure to have buyers waiting.

The wealthy come to experience the warm climate while lower-income immigrants come in search of a more affordable living. With such a broad range of buyers available, Colombia offers something for every kind of investor.

I m in Guatape, a very well known area by many travelers 

Just an FYI to anyone looking to invest outside of the US, the United States State Department publishes short articles aimed at protecting US Citizens investments abroad. Always check before investing. Here is a quick article about property rights in Columbia from the US State Department. In short, it says to beware that roughly 18% of property in Columbia is held without clear title due to the countries constitution improving property rights only being ratified in 1991.

AGAIN, I am not saying to not invest out of country or in Columbia specific, but to do research from the provided resource from our own State Department.

Well, mr Blake, thanks for the information presented, I m currently reading that article "property rights in Colombia which seems to be very substantial for my real estate business, I will get back to you as long as I finish reading it and can provide a written account of the situation