Is Airtable a software BP members endorse/suggest?

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I have received an email with an offer for the real estate software "Airtable".

It looks interesting but I wonder if anybody on BP has experience with this tool and if you recommend it. If so, what kind of portfolio should an investor have before the use of this tool makes sense?

Thanks for your help


No idea.  But I was born and raised in Escondido so I thought I'd reply  :-)  My parents still live there in the Oak hill area. 

Oh yeah, know that corner well.  We used to call it "four corners" and when we were kids we'd ride our bikes (I guess it would ahve been the south east corner?).  ANyway, you know that tall dirt hill that you can see from the road?  I ate sh** on my bike one day going down that.  Yikes!

Originally posted by @Dr. @Axel Meierhoefer :

@Cody L. Got you. I think I know the dirt hill you refer to. Take a look what they are making out of it:

 I saw that last time I went to visit my parents.  Crazy.  And that whole road after the wild animal park turn off has been totally redone.  Widened and looks great. 

My crash hill was the one catycorner (sp)

Just started using Airtable to keep track of all things for my Real Estate Investing. Love the tools and templates they already have (check out for a lot of good templates, my favorite lately being You can also upload .CSV docs if you already manage stuff in Excel. 

I'm still only on the free version and it took me about two hours to fully adjust to the system instead of Excel. If you're quick at learning a new tool, tired of Excel, need to collaborate with others and/or are a visual learner, I definitely recommend it!

Hey @Mason Fiascone are you still using / having success with Airtable?  Right now I am product testing Airtable,, Asana, Trello, and Notion.  Thanks for any input/advice!

Hey @Jonathan Farber , I abandoned AirTable a few months ago. I am now fully integrated with Google Docs and Asana. This is working way better with a team and doesn't require as much finessing and learning of a new platform like AirTable. I found AirTable was unnecessarily complex without any added benefit, and would rather just work in Sheets, Docs, Slides and manage workflows in Asana. Hope that helps!

Just did the same investigation into Sheets, Airtable, and I decided to switch back to Google Sheets simply because Airtable falls short when it comes to complex features.

Google also just bought this platform called AppSheet, which just base off your Google Sheet and creates cross-platform apps so you can get all that fancy features from AirTable without having to leave the Google ecosystem. Hope this helps!