Looking for Small Multifamily in Montgomery County, PA

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Hi BP,

I'm looking to invest in a small multifamily property in Montgomery County, PA. I plan to use a combination of cash savings, a HELOC, and hard money if needed to finance the property. Ideally, I would like to find a property where I get some nice forced appreciation out of it which I anticipate would require cash payment - then I would follow the BRRR method to refinance into a conventional loan. However, I'm not closed to the idea of going to a conventional loan right off the bat.

I am very fortunate that I have a full-time well paying job and excellent credit.  Right now, it's just a matter of learning this real estate business as fast as I can and sifting through leads to find my deal!

Please - if you have any leads for realtors or wholesalers in the area that can help me find properties to analyze, I'd really appreciate it!  I'm very motivated!

Thanks to everyone in advance,