Bam 300% return. Oh and I love you Ms. 1031.

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Oh yeah, Bought one house for 15k in great shape and rented it collecting a 57% return for a year. Just sold for 60K. Put it in a 1031. Sold two more. One for 10k sold for 47k, other for 12k for 50k. While collecting over a 50% return. I closed on all 3 this week. Put all of them in a 1031. Lawyer wanted 900 each to do the 1031. Got her down to 750 each. Got in contract for a distressed commercial building for 150k my new office space 3,000sq st. Putting the whole 1031 on it. Then I'm going to refi it. Cash out baby. Home Run. Oh but I do this all the time. Mastermind? hhhmmm

Cleveland Ohio. These returns are great. I purchased these properties a year ago. Cleveland is a unique investment area. The chances of success here are slim with a property management company. You have to have boots on the ground and a network. These deals were of market and brought to me by my bird dogs.

April a little advise. If your even thinking of listing, start looking now for a property to put your 1031 in. I got lucky. It all liked up in 2 weeks. Even the 1031. It surly was a home run. More like a grand slam

@April Molina Cleveland market. These are properties I bought low about a year and a half ago. Now prices are too high. Buy low sell high. I was already looking for a property for my 1031. I always look around when I'm driving. I saw the distressed building. It was off market. Eventually found the out of state owner and put the deal together. Its actually two buildings. The larger is going to be my new office. The small building next door produces 1k a month. I will wait 18months to refi then pull all my money out.