Any lenders doing 20% down on a non-owner occupied duplex?

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I'm in Colorado looking at investing in duplexes for the most part. Every lender we've spoken with is requiring 25% down for small multifamily, including duplexes, since we are not planning to live in the property but will still allow 20% on SFR. Anyone know of lenders that are doing small multifamily for 20% down? Who has the best terms right now?

In my experience (in Maryland), investment property loans will always require significant down payments. If you intended to use for your primary residence then this is not the case. When I went to purchase a duplex (deal ended up falling through) as an investment property they only required 20% down. This was through QuickenLoans. Hope this helps. Good luck!

@Sarah Humbargar your at the right spot to get your answer. I use the local “meetup“ app on my phone and ask people in the local REIAs for information as well. Are these HM lenders or regular banking institutions?