This is the hottest market for investing!

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I admit, I intentionally led you astray with the title of this post. I've seen numerous posts on which City, State, Area, Region, etc. is best to invest in. Selfishly I wanted to cut down on the amount of posts I responded to by posting my own. 

Are there areas of the country that are hot? Yes. Are there areas that make more sense to invest in than others? Maybe. The biggest factor of your success in investing will be your involvement, education, and TEAM! This post is more directed to out of state investors who are looking for better returns. 

If you investing out of state, your team on the ground is the only factor that matters. Have a bad contractor, your sunk. Uneducated realtors that lack investment knowledge, your chances of success diminish. Poor turnkey or BRRRR operators that over promise and under deliver, you experience less than promised returns. Real estate has risk, but mitigate that risk in every way possible!

So how can you be successful? Find a team on the ground that provides transparency in everything they do. It's easy to talk success but ask how the property in question fails. Ask how they make money. Ask about their track record. Never send large amounts of rehab money out. If the numbers look to good to be true, they are! 

Start researching the teams, as they will create a hot market by their growth, transparency and success.

Happy investing!