New to Real Estate investing looking to buy my first rental

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I am new to the BiggerPockets form and have recently listened to Brandon Turner’s book on Real Estate Investing. I am about 40 miles outside of the Raleigh, NC region where housing is booming. I am starting to analyze properties and drafting my first financial statements so I can plug information in and run numbers before making any purchases. Any advIce for fIrst rental property type and general key things to be aware of? Thanks!

If you are evaluating for practice that is fine, but don't get your heart set on a specific property or even a specific price range until you get financing in place.

Hi Christopher,

Welcome to Bigger Pockets!  Reading Brandon Turner's book and practicing with the numbers is a great start.  You also should consider joining the Triangle Real Estate Investors at Treia.  They have a monthly general meeting in Cary as well as monthly subgroup meetings in a number of areas, including Durham, Cary, Rocky Mount and now Fayetteville.  It's a great place to network and learn.  Your first property type will depend somewhat on your individual needs and goals.  Do you plan to manage the property yourself?  Do you know specifically where you want to invest?