Professional Real Estate business conduct/ethics

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Dear BP community,

I was wondering, where can I learn more about real estate professional business ethics and conduct (writing the right emails, talking to people of the phone, negotiating, accepted norms and standards, and etc.)

Do we have such resource on this website? Which resource have you found to be the most useful and helpful?  

Thank you all in advance,


Originally posted by @Joe Abughazaleh :

Hi @Eli M. if you go to the National Association of Realtors website you can find the "Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice"  its an 8 page pdf. That has some of the info you're looking for. Hope that helps! 

 Thank you! But i am not really a realtor, I am mostly an investor, do you think that manual could still be helpful?

@Eli M.

I think the Realtor's document would be a good start.  I understand what you're asking for, but I'm not sure it exists.

I think the bottom line is in this business, and any other business, is you should treat people as you expect to be treated.  Be polite, honest, straightforward, transparent, and on-time, and you will set yourself apart from 99% of the competition! Sellers, lenders, property managers, etc. will love dealing with you because you are a pleasure to deal with.

It's really a simple formula but very few people actually do it.  There are a lot of scum bags out there...