First Flip in INDY - Need Recommendation on STAGING COMPANY

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Hello BPers,

I currently have 2 flips in Indianapolis and they are almost finished. Looking to seek some advice on whether I should Stage the house or not. Any reputable companies out in Indianapolis that does this? Costs for staging? This is my first flip and I did not budget for Staging. LEsson Learned :(

It depends a lot on price point, location, and the “showable” condition other active/pending/sold listings within the neighborhood. Feel free to message me the addresses and I can help you make that determination.

@Christina Kim The question to stage is more art than science to me.  If you feel its difficult for buyers to understand your layout or to accentuate a flow or design I would definitely say yes.  If you have a typical layout and build I would be on the fence and then depending on price point and competition in the area.  I would at least stage for the your pictures.  Shoot me a DM and I'll give you a contact I have as well as discuss 3d walkthrough scanning I do that provides a 3d walkthrough AND your images at the price of most photographers.