Looking for the Right Brokerage to work for.

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Hello All! I have been self employed in the Building Services business for the past 7 years. Over the past 3 years my wife and I have started purchasing rental properties, we are up to 3 now.  I have just recently sold my building services business and have decided to focus on developing our rental property portfolio full time. I have decided to pursue affordable housing in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I also have decided to get my real estate license to make the process of scheduling showings much easier. The question I have for you is, which agency is the right agency to work for. In other words, I don't imagine that Sothebys and other boutique agencies that sell million dollar properties would be a very good fit for what I am looking to do. I am looking to surround myself with like-minded people that work in the circles that I want to start running in. These circles are... Affordable housing in and around the Philadelphia, PA metropolitan area. Thanks! and I look forward to chatting!  

I don't know much about your market, but I am really happy with the brokerage I found. I was in the same position of getting licensed primarily for my own portfolio growth. Ask about what kind of split you will have and what kind of coaching is available to you. My brokerage has the level of training and coaching of some of the larger branches but the fees are all transaction based. If you are primarily looking to work on your own portfolio, you definitely want want a large commission split or super high fees. 

In case it wasn't clear with my typo. You DON'T want a large commission split or super high fees. :) 

I switched from a small brokerage last year to Keller Williams & and I am much happier with the split & the resources. PM me if you'd like more info on KW. Obviously I'd reach out to each of the larger brokerages near you and sit down with their managers to get the details before making a decision.

without any hesitation, I highly recommend Billboard Kratz and Home smart. Besides the fact that the Brokerage is a industry disrupting agency, Bill is incredible. We are with him and the savings (additional income you receive) and his connections will fast track you to success! Message me if you want his contact info! 

If you are looking to hang your license in the Malvern area.  PM me and I can tell you about my office and team leader at Berkshire Hathaway.  They serve my purpose well as an investor and an agent.