Need help Jersey City NJ

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Hey all,

New to bigger pockets.Decided to join after many months of reading and learning from all the investors here.

I have been offered a property in Jersey City and was wondering if I should jump on it.Not familiar with JC and was wondering if anyone on here could help me out.Its a multifamily(2 unit)3 bedrooms each that needs around 90k work .Owner is asking 310k...Its by Baldwin ave and Wayne Street...I am looking to flip it,but would be willing to BRRR.Any advice is appreciated..Thanks

It's a pretty decent area. I think it's technically McGinley Square, but pretty close to downtown. Hard to find houses over there anymore. 

@William Gomez it sounds like a great deal! What is the lot size? Just to give you an idea of the market. We have a listing coming up in that area, asking for $599k (average condition, no major repairing needed) and it is priced to sell quickly.