Twin Falls Idaho, I’m a newbie interested in that area

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@Brian Hall It is a beautiful area but prices have been rising there. North side is where all the growth is happening and prices are very high. South side you may find some deals. I made an offer there last month on a triplex, but could not reach an agreement. The owner wanted more than I was willing to pay for the returns I seek, and it was a Craigslist listing FSBO. The numbers I have ran there for anything listed currently may only work for a house hack, unless you are good with low returns. But I'm sure like most places lately, there are great deals that pop up once in awhile but they sell immediately. So you have to be watching every day and maybe even find yourself an agent in that area that can send you new listings as they come up.

@Brian Hall - welcome to TF investing. I just moved from there and have an investment there.  Don Spafford is exactly right, prices are high. However, Twin Falls is the fastest growing city in Idaho and possibly one of the fastest in the nation.  Especially with Chobani expanding and Clifbar coming into town.I thought prices were high in 2016 when I purchased a SF home built in 2008 for 150k 2 years ago, the house next door was sold for 180k. Buy right in Twin Falls and you'll see your investment make money fast. We're out of state now and looking to buy another investment there. Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help! 


@Brian Hall , Cindy Collins with Berkshire Hathaway is wonderful and an investor herself. She's well connected in the community and abreast of all of the goings on. Great person to have on your team! I used her for my investment purchases there. 

As far as the areas of town to invest in. The NW part of town by the hospital is booming and growing. As an investor, I wouldn't choose to invest there yet. Downtown is being revamped they built a new city hall, new businesses are moving back there. It's still a work in progress. I think you can get the best bang for your buck there and get the best appreciation if you're buying and holding. Think the president streets and around there. Keep away from the south park area. 

But really, anywhere you buy in twin will appreciate. It's the fastest growing city in Idaho and I think it's the 3rd fastest growing city in the US. I spoke with Sean Barriger, the mayor, there's a big shortage of rentals in Twin. You really can't go wrong buying in twin. 

I'm happy to help  if you want to bounce anything off of me. Best of luck in finding a deal!