Sacramento - Seller Carry Back Financing - for a DUPLEX purchase

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Hello Sacramentans,

Are there any investors familiar with the Seller Carry Back Financing Option? Or any agents who know of any DUPLEX owners interested in such deal?

Simply put, the buyer purchases the home from seller. A very small percentage of the home will be paid back to sellers by the buyers within 3-5 years (negotiated, of course) with interest (also negotiated)

This is ideal for an owner who isn't necessarily in need of that small percentage of the home right away.


It's a great program and I'm finding many agents aren't familiar with such. 

Are you?

Or are you an investor in sacramento that would consider it?


The market is too hot here for owners to need to carry back a small loan.  Houses/duplexes in our area are selling fast for high amounts and buyers are paying full price with no issues.  Yes, the market has slowed here over the past month or two but duplexes are still hot.  I know of numerous buyers looking for 2-4 unit properties and unless they are in bad shape, someone will buy the properties quick.


@David Hutson Do you know any duplex buyers currently looking in Sacramento? I have a great duplex in South Land Park on 42nd Avenue and buyers have fallen away precisely because they couldn't get their financing in order. I thought that was odd.

@Embert Madison jr ,

I do if the numbers make sense.  Right now what I'm seeing is properties are too expensive and the return isn't there.  Feel free to message me with all of the details you have.  

If there was a finance contingency the buyers probably couldn't get it to work and stated they couldn't close due to not getting a loan.