Wholesaling: Traditional Vs RVM/VB

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Around three months ago i started wholesaling in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia using traditional methods suchs as Driving for dollars, bandit signs, postcards, buying data list, skip tracing, sitting on the dialer for hours... you know the process haha. I am seeing alot of wholesalers use this method with fair sucess. One downfall is the cost of marketing vs the return, as well as  your time.  After spending 8+ hours a day running two tripple line dialers with some sucess, we discovered RVM and VB. GAME CHANGER!! The thought of sitting back while your phone rings with sellers just didnt seem legit. After doing $84k in less than three months my mind was changed very quickly. Yes, it is a very grey area.. especial when you bring in the arguments of telemarketing in.. but well worth learning the do's and dont's of the process. 

What do you lean towards? Traditional methods or RVM/VB? 

@Joshua Levasseur ohh ok. I am very interested in the RVM piece. Have you done VB? I feel like you'd need a very specific script with it to keep people from getting super annoyed with you. How's your success been with RVM vs VB? Do you find one to be better than the other?

@Joe Arida  While i was in Virginia, me and my partner would run Both RVM and VB at the same time on a round robin set up. Both of us on the phones at the same time. Highly effective. I find VB to be more effective just because you go live with the seller. We put 13 houses under contract in 2 weeks. Yes, you need a script, but i got much better responces once i was comfortable and more natural. Think of yourself holding the phone to your ear whith your shoulder and both hand full of groceries haha. Natural and relaxed vs a sales call script... Natural all day. There is no getting around people getting pissed off, its just part of the buisness, but most sellers were pretty nice. 

@Joshua Levasseur can I ask how you craft your lists? Do you buy them or build them? Listsource kind of thing or scrub county records manually? Sorry, not trying to get too far off topic--I am just planning on running a campaign here but am struggling a bit with the list. I was thinking direct mail but its so saturated, and so likely to be ignored. Which skip trace service do you use (if you dont mind sharing?)

Dude shhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Let people continue with the saturated direct mail market!!

Haha I'm kidding. I'm going to PM you :]