Flood Insurance on 4plex - Lloyds of London ? Elevation Cert

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Is it true that Lloyd's of London won't do flood insurance for buildings with more than 2 units? I'm looking at a 4plex and my insurance broker said it was not doable and a regular policy would be $2700/ year which is a deal breaker. The listing agent said the seller has a policy w/ LofL for $699/ year. Does anyone have experience with this?

Also, I'm considering looking into an elevation certificate to remove the property from the flood zone.  The building is right next to a river, but sits well above the water.  Does anyone have experience with this process?  

Thanks for any advice! 

@Conor Meehan New certificate won’t remove it from flood zone. It’s there until the map is redrawn by fema. The best way I found to reduce it is ask for a hi deductible. Like 10k sometimes the bank will balk at it it. Other times no. Get a couple of quotes. Good luck. I hate that crap. It’s good for some folks. But I have properties that have never flooded in 50 years. But there always the 100 year flood.