“Get Rich Quick from real estate”

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I see a lot of these podcasts on BiggerPockets talking about how you can be “financially free” within 5 years of real estate. I’m new so this sounds very much like that typical get rich quick type of thing you see online. Is this realistic? If so, what are your experiences? Thank you.

Quick is relative - but yes - you can get "rich quick" from real estate. The cost is a lot of saving and a ton of hard work.  It's my goal to "get rich quick" and become an overnight success story by working on nights and weekends, making an offer every day, and opting to not buy the new car that I could totally afford.

Through thousands of hours of work, I've been able to accumulate 20 doors in the last 2 years, and there are a lot of people much more successful than me here on the forums.

Quick does no equal easy.