In search for hard money lenders

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I am looking to connect with any money lenders that would be interested in doing some business. I currently live in the suburbs or Minneapolis, MN. I have a few deals in the pipeline and am interested in seeing my options for investors. If you have any interest in looking at a few deals or would like to converse about real estate feel free to shoot me a message. I look forward to chatting with anyone who wants to share information, support one another or look at investing with me.


@David Barnett Currently, no. I currently work in sales at a lumber yard so am really familiar with entire builds and remodels. I just started getting into real estate investing and have been going to a lot of conferences and doing my own research. I have two deals in the pipeline and one really solid deal, almost ready to sign. I have a guy who is willing to invest, but am always open to other suggestions or opportunities. Thanks for your interest. If you have any suggestions or tips, my ears are always open and appreciate anything you have to offer!