A, B, C, D - Don't do it......(class properties

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Class of properties are frequently mentioned on BP, but its so subjective.

What I consider an A class could be B class to another investor

What if a neighborhood is gentrifying? Going from a C to a B... perhaps this would be a buy as you will be buying in at a lower price point.

Just curious how investors work out class of a neighborhood

@Marisa R. Buying in a "C" transitioning to a "B" is the golden ticket. The hard part is getting there first and seeing the direction of the neighborhood before everyone else.

I consider "A" as gated, upper class neighborhoods. Doctors, lawyers, high net worth people live there. In my area these are $400k plus homes. Zero to very few rentals, no multi-family properties

"B" is where I live. $200k - $400k homes, middle to upper middle. A few scattered rental homes, but all single family. Some scattered multi-family properties. Higher end apartments are here

"C" is where I could live if something financially were to happen to me. Still fairly safe neighborhood, lower middle to middle income. $100k to $200k houses, higher concentration of multi-family properties, and middle of the road apartments.

"D" is not safe enough for me to raise my kids. Low priced properties, low income and section 8. I would feel uneasy walking the streets at night, but fairly safe during the day

"F" is a war zone. Unsafe to walk down the street any time of day.