Building a team in San Antonio Texas...fix 'n flips "BRRRR", ETC.

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Hello! My wife and I are leaving California(my last duty station...fulfilled my contract and now a Veteran) and going to migrate to San Antonio. The economy, unemployment rate, job growth, population growth, affordability, households making improvement(s), military/Veteran friendly environment, free market state, no income tax, etc. etc. all helped with our decision to become San Antonian transplants in the next month. 

We have a comfortable 6-figure amount of capital to begin our REI journey. Our goal right out the gate is to pick something up, rehab it and based upon the market if it's beneficial to either hold and rent or flip...we'll decide then. Long term; is to establish a portfolio of units significant enough that out performs our EI and eventually get into commercial REI. For now we're jumping with both feet in and once a team is assembled over the next month or so...we can see multiple projects happening in unison.

My question(s) is/ being proactive prior to our actual move to the Lonestar state next month; I'm attempting to acquire through certain avenues of networking(BP being one of them) a team who'll eventually become my friends, business partners, associates, etc., all who'll be contributing an important aspect and shared talent. This team will be a licensed GC, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, wholesaler(s), RE Agent(s), hard money lender(s), third party inspector, a CPA, etc. If anyone is willing to share a referral or possibly even be one of the roles needed, respectfully I'd love for you to reach out and would greatly appreciate it. It could become beneficial to the both of us. 

Thank you for taking the time in reading this!!


@Frank D'Andrea III There are a lot of great resources here in San Antonio and reaching out before you arrive and then attending as many meet ups as possible once you get here is a great path forward. Welcome in advance and please feel free to reach out if I can help either of you with any questions you might have.

We do hard money loans, I own a brokerage so I have lots of good agents (including myself), and I have a good friend of mine who is the most realistic inspector I've ever met.  Message me and I"ll get you his contact info.  

As for contractors, that is something we deal with every day.  Contractors can be flakey which I'm sure you're aware of.  We keep some on staff due to this but what I have outside of that (that I really trust) is a foundation guy, plumber, electrician, irrigation, and HVAC.  I don't really know of a good GC other than the one we keep on staff. 

Hit me up if you need any of them. 

@Frank D'Andrea III ... SA is a great market for real estate! I lived their for close to 10 years and have all of my investment properties there (continue to add even as an out of state owner/investor). I have a great property manager/realtor who has an amazing network and contacts in all the areas you are looking. Send me a private message and I would be happy to do an intro.