Cold Call Script for Motivated Sellers

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I've been flipping houses for 2 yrs now part time and just hired an admin to start pulling lists and doing some cold calls. Would anyone be willing to share a cold call script that they use or thoughts on if a script is even necessary?

I appreciate any help!



Wouldnt use a script.  Need to sound natural and have a normal conversation.  Can still accomplish that and ask the important questions.  If you're too scripted you'll sound like a telemarketer.

Where are you pulling lists btw?

Yuk, I hate it when investors have someone else call me wanting to buy my property for 50 cents on the dollar and they don't have a clue what's even on the property. A complete disregard for others peoples time.  Can you not find another business model that avoids exploiting other people's time?

Now someone will feed me a story about how they rescued a family from bankruptcy, starvation and death by cold call and buying their house at 50% of market value. 

Listen to YouTube on them. You needs several different versions and often they hang up on you since it is not much from spamming.  I think it is less than 1% success with sellers. Good luck.

Telemarketing does not work for us.  I download my foreclosure lists from for $79 per month. The website is very simple to use and you download hundreds or thousands or foreclosures to an Excel file.

If you set only a few filters right you don't have to do much with the Excel file. Then, you turn the Excel file into a CSV comma delimited file. That requires a little more knowing about Excel. For my company, I import Excel into a database I created and I turn Excel into a Text file that works the same as a CSV file.

Then, you upload your CSV (or Text) file to and within a few minutes you will get back an Excel file. About 30% of the Excel file will have email addresses and phone numbers.

PHONE NUMBERS - Forget about them. Nobody answers there phones, anymore! 30% of the phone numbers are no good and 90% of the phone numbers get you a message saying their voice mail is not set up. I hate to admit that I had an employee make telephone calls for 10 hours and we did not make contact with one homeowner. Phones are a hard way to go. Although, I know of one company that flips about 10 houses a month and that company has one girl in the Philippines working for $3 per hour and she does get leads that turn into home purchases.

EMAILS ARE THE BEST - It seems like people don't change their emails as often. Maybe, this is because emails are connected to many businesses people have to do business with i.e. online banking, ebay, Amazon, etc.

DATAZAPP.COM is great because the cost to get both an email and phone number is only 3 cents. The there is a $125 minimum and that will get  them to process 4166 records to try to retrieve emails and phone numbers. Or, you can pay $250 up front and you can get 6,000 (which is less emails that you get for $125 two times), but the big advantage is you can get small batches like only 300 records 20 times in one month until you reach your 6,000.

Again, I have my own priority software for bulk emails. So, look for an email service that does large batches of emails for less than 1-1/2 cents. Some charge less than 1 cent. The best thing about these services is you get seriously professional service, advice and you don't have to worry about your IP banning you for spamming.

This is a highly recommend bulk email service and the following is one I was looking at a few months ago.