Hello guys,

I've been living in GA for 4 years. But i bought my primary residence in 2006 in Alabama. I want to buy more property in Alabama. I have not switched my driver's license to GA yet. But my taxes are all done in GA. Next year, i will pay off my primary residence. I hope to start renting it this year. I will then use the equity in that house to buy another house. Will I be considered an out-of-state investor in Alabama?

Also all my family lives in Alabama I'm not sure if I can leverage my current dual status. I plan to buy a house in GA next year as my primary residence. Currently I rent an apartment in GA. I guess it would probably be best that I took out a home equity loan before I rented my AL house out, but looks like that wont be an option as I'm trying do get some money now and buy something else next year.